Systems Thinking

systems_thinkingWhat is ‘Systems Thinking’ and why is it important to sustainability?

Here are two inspirational thinkers: Vandana Shiva and Gunter Pauli

What sorts of systems are Vandana Shiva and Gunter Pauli describing? Do you agree with their insights? See if you can find out where these people come from and why they have become systems thinking experts.

Gunter Pauli

Explains how to achieve a fundamental shift in current business model thinking from a belief in growth and competing on price and quality to a business strategy that aims to generate more value with what is locally available and that has been shown to out-compete the present globalised model.

Vandana Shiva

Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2013: Vandana Shiva – Growth = Poverty  (long!)

Earth Democracy: Living as Earth Community” by Vandana Shiva, PhD

2015 has been declared the Year of Soils, let us recognize that in the seed and the soil we can find answers to every one of the crisis we are facing. We Are All Seeds – A New Year Message from Dr. Vandana Shiva for 2015

Photo Credit: Martin Gillet via Compfight cc

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