Taking the vision forward

colin_hockingDr. Colin Hocking, is one of the SESA Steering Group members. He is the Sustainability Education Officer at La Trobe University (Melbourne). Colin works with staff to put sustainability into all undergraduate courses across the University.

Colin tells how SESA got started in 2012 and how it has tried to support the development of sustainability change programs in workplaces since then. He describes how SESA thinking has changed over the years and why it decided, ‘… to take a step into unknown to find out how to do EfS differently.’

SESA decided it had to resource and support EfS expert facilitators to enable them to go online. Colin believes that delivering EfS through a blended on and offline approach is possible and advantageous. With the range of tools now available it’s and not as difficult as it used to be. Learning comes first, and then we need to work out how new technologies assist this. He’s positive about the possibilities and is looking forward to more opportunities.

Listen to this, and Angela Colliver, who is also on the SESA Steering Group.



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