SESA wrap rap

larri_mick100pxIn this podcast SESA Project Manager, Larraine J Larri, (from Renshaw-Hitchen and Associates) and eLearning support expert Michael Gwyther (Yum Studio) look back at the gains made during this project.

Their conversation touches on the challenges of moving EfS training providers and learners into eLearning.

Michael compares working with sustainability experts to other projects where he supports vocational education and training (VET) teachers into eLearning. In many ways they are similar! He strongly believes that online learning can be an authentic and powerful medium for building relationships. As we know, achieving deep transformative learning is at the heart of EfS. It relies on the magic of people talking, sharing, and having ‘Aha’ moments.

Larraine feels that SESA has been able to demonstrate that eLearning is a very viable way of delivering EfS!

Together they discuss opportunities for the future and are convinced that this is the way the sustainability education sector needs to go. Much food for thought here!

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