Changing Changeology

Les RobinsonLes Robinson is a specialist in community change and one of Australia’s most engaging facilitators. Les helps organisations devise innovative change projects. He trains their staff and volunteers in many fields including sustainability.

In this podcast, Les discusses how SESA supported him to take his successful face-to-face ‘Changeology’ training and make it into a ‘Self-Drive’ project online using self-paced learning content.

Les built in the idea of a ‘Brains Trust’ for his participants so that they had a team to support them and a way of generating creative group interactions essential for change programs. As the project progressed he also found that he needed to support participants with just-in-time mentoring. He realised that this is an important addition to his work. It means that there is more support available than happens in a one-off workshop. He says, ‘People can call you when they need you.’

Listen to this, Yolande Presland and Doug Reckord to find out how Changeology Self-Drive worked for both facilitator and participant!

Changeology experiences

Doug ReckordDoug Reckord is the Principal of Bournda Environmental Education Centre, on the Far South Coast of NSW. It’s one of 25 centres in NSW that are run by the Department of Education and Communities. Doug participated in the ‘Changeology Self-Drive’ program with Les Robinson, specialist in community change.

In this podcast Doug discusses how he followed the ‘Changeology’ methodology to be able to bring together a group of stakeholders working in different locations to get real change happening in regional waste reduction.

One key element of Changeology is the ‘Brains Trust’. It’s not easy to facilitate successful change, but with Les to help as just-in-time coach and mentor, Doug feels he has made significant gains in linking Local council sustainability staff and schools. He says that they have achieved a scalable model that can be expanded across the region.

Find out more about Doug’s work at Bournda Environmental Education Centre and  the Report about Doug’s Changeology project with the South East Regional Organisation of Councils (SEROC).

Learning to lead change remotely

Yolande PreslandYolande Presland is a Waste Education Officer at Wollondilly Shire Council. She participated in the ‘Changeology Self-Drive’ when she was working at North Sydney Council. Much of Yolande’s work is in running sustainability education programs in local government.

Yolande explains why ‘Changeology Self- Drive’ was good. She mentions that:  it was online so it was accessible; it was flexible which meant being able to do the learning when it fitted in best with work; there was always phone support from Les with really great feedback; and  at the end there was a new program ready to roll out and implement.

Through doing this program, Yolande learnt how important it is to be open-minded and develop or improve programs by including a group of stakeholders and hearing everyone’s viewpoints. Les Robinson calls this the ‘Brains Trust’.


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