Delivering Program Logic Online

Delivering Program Logic Online

Clear Horizon's Leanne and JennyLee-Anne Molony (Practice Manager & Principal Consultant) and Jenny Pettenon (Training Manager) discuss Clear Horizon Consulting experiences trialling two different approaches in eLearning. The first was mentoring in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) that was customised to individual needs and just-in-time. The second was the conversion of part of their successful ‘Program Logic’ program into a webinar. Clear Horizon Consulting saw collaborating with SESA as a way of moving into eLearning, which was something they had been considering for a while. Hear Lee-Anne and Jenny share their insights about how flexible delivery in M&E mentoring and training in Program Logic compares with face-to-face training. They were very concerned about finding ways of translating their dynamic and interactive training processes into online. They were excited by discovering the possibilities and realised it was less onerous than they thought.

Flexible learning to be able to apply Program Logic to workplace sustainability

aaron_izzardAaron Izzard learnt about Program Logic and better ways to do monitoring and evaluation through being mentored by Lee-Anne Molony from Clear Horizon Consulting. Aarron is the Environmental Sustainability Officer, City of Mount Gambier. He needed to develop a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan for the ‘Park and Stride’ program he was implementing. With Lee-Anne’s help he learnt how to use Program Logic to make sure programs are effective and that they can be monitored and evaluated. Aaron realised that it’s important to, ‘… take the time at the start of a program to map out the logic and the best way of achieving what we want to achieve. Not all the activities are really necessary; they may even be a waste of time!’

The flexible learning approach meant that Aaron was able to gain valuable skills from his location in Mt Gambier; and fit learning around his workload. He feels confident to apply what he has learnt to other programs. Listen to this, and Lee-Anne Molony to find out how the ‘Mentoring in M&E’ worked for both facilitator and participant!

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