From face to face to online facilitation

Listen here to find out how ‘Making it Happen: Building the business case for sustainability’ worked for both facilitator and participant!

Libby GuestLibby Guest works at Broken Hill City Council (far West NSW) as the Environment, Waste & Recycling Specialist. She has a big portfolio and often has to write funding submissions and business cases for sustainability projects.

When she heard about the ‘Making it Happen: Building the business case for sustainability’ sponsored by SESA with expert facilitator, Grahame Collier, she felt sure this course would help when she learnt it was to be delivered online.

Libby was able to easily access the training because it was online which meant not having to fund travel. She also benefitted from having more time to work on learning tasks between webinar sessions. She enjoyed being able to talk with people from other regional areas across Australia who were also in the group. Libby has already used what she learnt in a funding application and she’s helped out other colleagues to do business cases.

Moving live facilitation from face to face to online

graham_collierIn this podcast, Grahame Collier, a well-regarded and experienced sustainability trainer discusses the challenge for him and his participants when moving his Business Case for Sustainability “Making it Happen” training from a face to face to an online webinar format.

Hear how Grahame moved from being sceptical at first, to finding that it was less of a hurdle than he expected. He sums up the challenges he had in methodology and content. Grahame speaks candidly about learning how to use the webinar environment to get participants feeling comfortable enough to talk and interact with one another, ‘…they were firing off each other!’

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