Our SESA sponsored courses

PartnersThese courses were piloted in in Blended eLearning formats. SESA had funding to offer them free for the first round. If you are interested in any of these, please contact the providers listed to find out the costs and dates.

Sustainability issues and concepts related to their field – that’s the same as EfS
Check out the EfS resource links.

Sustainability Education

Contact Katrina Shields from Byron Community College to find out more about their Sustainability Education offerings efs@byroncollege.org.au
Phone inquiries: 02 6684 3374  http://www.byroncollege.org.au/sustainability

Also have a look at Sustainability for Educators – A toolkit of Learning Activities and Resources e-book costs around $19 by Katrina Shields & Lisa Hoggard from Byron Community College – http://www.byroncollege.org.au/sustainability-educators

Course and program evaluation techniques

Contact Lee-Anne Molony, Clear Horizon – Mentoring in monitoring and evaluation, Program Logic Webinar

A new free resource is now available that helps in monitoring and evaluation. It’s called, ‘Measuring Environmental Education Outcomes’ by the North American Association for Environmental Education http://www.naaee.net/publications/MEEO

Community Sustainability Engagement – Evaluation Toolbox http://evaluationtoolbox.net.au/

Building the business case for sustainability

Contact Grahame Collier – T-Issues

Two animated videos explain the basics of Building the business case for sustainability:
(Each video is part of a playlist. Click in the top left hand corner of the video pane to see the whole list)

Bob Willard’s resources for Sustainability Champions – in particular take a look at his book, and the free ‘Business Case Simulator’ – http://www.sustainabilityadvantage.com/index.php

Achieving action outcomes and behaviour change

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