Pathways to qualifications in sustainability education

PathwaysOur research of waste, water, and sustainability trainers showed that many of you have qualifications in Sciences, but not in Education. This section is to help you move into becoming a better qualified educator.

Who is a Sustainability Educator?
For help in thinking through what a sustainability educator does, this link is useful even though it’s from Portland State University in the USA

Sustainability education in Australia
If you’d like to find out what’s happening in sustainability education and what sorts of courses are available, have a look through these links. Many universities have undergraduate and post-graduate courses. There are also a number of Vocational Education courses. Many courses are also offered online. For a general overview see:

Australian Government sustainability education.

Join the Australian Association for Environmental Education

Here are a few suggestions of places to start looking for courses. There’s a lot to choose, so we’ll leave the choices to you! Follow your curiosity and try different search options.

You can go from courses in your local community, like these

to a Certificate or Diploma (through a TAFE or other Registered Training Organisation) such as the
Diploma of Sustainability – Offered by TAFE and other Registered Training Organisations in Australia. Here are some links to specific organisations.

and then on to a University

Sustainability education in Schools
Many waste, water and sustainability trainers find they are working with schools and school-age children. This section is some basic information about some of the main initiatives happening in Australian schools.

  • AuSSI Also look at the left hand nav-bar with the National Action Plan, National Network, UN Decade, Publications
  • Eco-Schools

Also take a look at these student videos about waste education and this information about plastic in our oceans which relates to  relates to migratory birds.

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