Making it Happen: Building and Communicating your Business Case for Education for Sustainability

SustainabilityAnnouncing another unique opportunity for Waste & Water Industry Trainers!

SESA has engaged well-known trainer, Grahame Collier to share his expertise online!

Many of us face a challenge in getting our organisations to support sustainability programs.

A great way to overcome this is through doing a ‘Business Case’ that explains how programs deliver financial, environmental and sustainable outcomes.


Grahame Collier is presenting a dynamic learning journey in four phases:

  • Starting out – Your journey starts with an opportunity to check how much you already know about this topic (often we know more than we realise!); easy pre-reading that explains what a business case is and some real examples. (1.5 hours approx.) This component will also require completion of a 7 minute on line survey.
  • Webinar 1 – How to create an effective business case making sure all the key elements are there. Tips for success. (1.25 hours)
  • Me-time – Using what you’ve learnt in Webinar 1, have a go at drafting your own Business Case and then have the opportunity to discuss and share results in Webinar 2. (1.5 hours approx.)
  • Webinar 2 – Workshopping experiences of drafting your own Business Case (1.25 hours)

Learning Outcomes

  • An improved understanding of the nature of a business case, how it might be applied to sustainability and how it is drafted to address the focus of intended recipient/s
  • Understanding the data needed to build an effective business case for sustainability, and how to get that data.
  • Ideas for structuring the available data into an effective business case.
  • Basic skills in presenting a sustainability business case in writing and verbally, suitable to the nature and needs of your audience.
  • Knowledge to begin assessing the effectiveness of the business case.

This workshop will deliver learning content that is linked to the following nationally accredited units of competency: –

T Issues can issue a Certificate of Attendance to participants wishing to formally document their Professional Development.

Because the workshop includes a ‘Me time’ phase, where participants are working at developing their own business case, there are advantages in working with a buddy during this time, It two people from the same organisation attend Making it Happen, then they might buddy-up. Where one person only attends, he/she might team up with a buddy at the end of Webinar 1, and work together online during the me time phase.

Course provider

Grahame is known for being a leader in sustainability education over many years. In 2010 he was awarded Australian Environmental Educator of the Year by the Australian Association of Environmental Educators (AAEE).

He has worked in the social change arena for many years and managed programs which use education and training to promote individual behaviour change and organisational structural change. He has held senior roles in the NSW Government in community education and engagement in the Environment Protection Authority and NSW Health.

A highly engaging trainer, Grahame works interactively with people to enhance skills and understanding – Thank you for your great training and facilitation at the workshop.  Your experience and knowledge has helped us a lot (Council officer 2014)

For more on Grahame’s expertise, testimonials and on his international and local work, check his website at:

 Dates and times

We’re offering a first round pilot of this workshop at no cost. Places are limited so early registration is advised. As soon as you register and are accepted, you can start with the check-in and pre-reading materials.

Webinar 1: will be held from 10:30 to 11:45 on the 16th of October 2014.
Webinar 2: will be held from 10:30 to 11:45 on the 31st of October 2014.

How to Book

Complete the registration form below – Grahame will respond to your registration. Note you will need to log in early for both webinars.
Click here if the Registration Form does not load here.

Enquiries: SMS or call Grahame Collier – 0419 148 551 or email


  • No cost for the first round, it’s a pilot – all we ask is that you find the time to commit to the program over the three weeks; participate actively and give generously of your ‘frank and fearless’ feedback; so we can learn together and improve!
  • SESA is funding each participant up to $495 (incl GST) for the pilot. Subsequent rounds will involve a co-payment.


  • This offer is only open to people involved in delivering some aspect of waste and water industry training that includes sustainability education and/or community engagement; and grappling with how to achieve the desired changes.
  • We know that, ‘Sustainability education is a significant percentage of Water & Waste industry trainer job roles.’ Also that, getting people to change their behaviours is one of the big challenges faced by you!
  • You may be in Local Government; Water or Waste management and/or processing industries; Catchment management; resource recovery; or involved in other community engagement and change programs related to water and or waste issues.

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