Making it Happen: Building and Communicating your Business Case for Education for Sustainability

SustainabilityAnnouncing another unique opportunity for Waste & Water Industry Trainers!

SESA has engaged well-known trainer, Grahame Collier to share his expertise online!

Many of us face a challenge in getting our organisations to support sustainability programs.

A great way to overcome this is through doing a ‘Business Case’ that explains how programs deliver financial, environmental and sustainable outcomes.


Grahame Collier is presenting a dynamic learning journey in four phases:

  • Starting out – Your journey starts with an opportunity to check how much you already know about this topic (often we know more than we realise!); easy pre-reading that explains what a business case is and some real examples. (1.5 hours approx.) This component will also require completion of a 7 minute on line survey.
  • Webinar 1 – How to create an effective business case making sure all the key elements are there. Tips for success. (1.25 hours)
  • Me-time – Using what you’ve learnt in Webinar 1, have a go at drafting your own Business Case and then have the opportunity to discuss and share results in Webinar 2. (1.5 hours approx.)
  • Webinar 2 – Workshopping experiences of drafting your own Business Case (1.25 hours)

Learning Outcomes

  • An improved understanding of the nature of a business case, how it might be applied to sustainability and how it is drafted to address the focus of intended recipient/s
  • Understanding the data needed to build an effective business case for sustainability, and how to get that data.
  • Ideas for structuring the available data into an effective business case.
  • Basic skills in presenting a sustainability business case in writing and verbally, suitable to the nature and needs of your audience.
  • Knowledge to begin assessing the effectiveness of the business case.

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