Changeology Self-drive opportunity

SESA announces another unique opportunity for Waste & Water Industry Trainers…..

Changeology Self-drive

achieving action outcomes and behaviour change

 SESA has engaged Les Robinson to offer his successful Changeology program self-paced and online!

changeologyThis tool set is perfect for project managers with real life change projects to develop.

Changeology Self-drive takes you through the process of designing a change project, step-by-step, down to the level of innovative tactics and persuasive messages. Les Robinsonwill be there every step of the way, providing you and your team with mentoring, illumination and guidance, by email, phone or Skype conferences.

You can use Self-drive:

  • as a real-time project design system, where you develop a ready-to-launch project to tackle a real challenge; or
  • as a training course, where you learn the skills and tools to design change projects that are tailored, innovative and buzzworthy.

You’ll get the same behavioural insights and proven rapid development tools as Les’s ‘in-the-flesh’ Changeology workshop.

The buddy rule: Because it’s always better to design with a buddy or team, the offer includes access for up to 4 members of the same project team. Continue reading