Giving your project an early ‘health check’ with Program Logic Webinar

project_logicWe all want to know how well our programs worked, and might do so through evaluation at the mid- or end-point of our programs. However, how many of us ‘health check’ our programs early on to test how likely it is our program will work? Better to know this sooner rather than later!

Program logic is a tool commonly used in evaluation to help determine how well a program has worked. However, it is equally useful for an early ‘health check’. More program managers are now using program logic early, to help understand out what might limit, or even prevent, programs from achieving their expected outcomes.

Learning how to use program logic for this purpose will help you get clarity on how your project is expected to work, so you can make adjustments before implementation – rather than after the evaluation results come in. Using program logicIt will also ensure you are in a better position to:

a)Develop a good monitoring plan – to help you check in on project progress along the way; and/or

b)Understand what to look for, and who to speak to, when evaluating your project at its mid- or end-point.

Join us to learn more about program logic, and how it helps you do all this! This free webinar has been specially developed for SESA by Lee-Anne Molony (from Clear Horizon). Continue reading

Dr Jennifer Pearson keynotes for WA Flourishing Futures forum

Dr Jennifer Pearson is the President of the national Australian Association for Environmental Education Inc (AAEE) and the Convenor of the WA Chapter. Dr Pearson will deliver the keynote “Professional development needs of waste and water industry trainers to educate for sustainability” at Flourishing Futures forum in Perth this week. The conference is an event organised by the Western Australian 2014 graduates of the Vocational Graduate Certificate in Education and Training for Sustainability (VGC ETfS) – also known as the Sustainability Champions program.

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 9.48.46 AM

We spoke to Dr Pearson this week about sustainability education and industry trainers.

SESA Project – Thanks for joining us. What makes professional development work for sustainability? Continue reading

Behind the research findings that guide SESA

researchIn 2014, SESA will begin Education, Sustainability and Evaluation training opportunities with Waste and Water industry trainers from May onwards for completion by November this year.

We will be piloting and evaluating our progress and achievements. We’re commencing with a series of Sustainability Webinars.

If you are interested in some professional learning opportunities that will be  ‘just-in-time’ and ‘just-for-me’ learning please register your interest with SESA Project Manager, Larraine J Larri, at

In 2013 we conducted research and we: Continue reading