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Angela Colliver

Skilling Educators for Sustainability Australia (SESA) is a consortium of WMAA, AAEE, AWA, and independent EfS experts who have been working together since 2009 to increase workforce capability in sustainability education.

This current SESA project began in 2012 and has just been completed (March 2015). It was funded for three-years by the Australian Government Department of Industry to target the emerging need of waste and water industry trainers to better deliver sustainability education initiatives. This was part of a strategy to respond to climate change and moving to a low-carbon economy.

The SESA project investigated new ways of delivering training to overcome barriers of cost and lack of time. It did this by supporting a number of expert facilitators to extend their programs into online and blended delivery.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the SESA Steering Committee, Training Providers and Industry Reference Group for their ongoing leadership, innovation, commitment and dedication to our work in recent years.

We will no doubt continue to face many challenges and hurdles in delivering EfS professional learning in new e-environments but we face them knowing we have strengthened our building blocks in this space.

SESA Model
The SESA Model

You can hear our experiences by visiting our podcasting page.  Check over EfS resources we collected over the life of the project here on our resources pages.

Angela Colliver
SESA Chair